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Here you'll find Role Playing Games and Platformers. A lot of Pok'emon and such will be reviewed especially with Black and White soming soon. You may see Flashbacks and Wii/Dsi ware both in this section.



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 Thanks to a friend for the review idea and most content that you see for this review.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Wii)

 A pretty good RPG that's a good game to give a shot whether you fancy RPG's.

 Graphics-  Fire Emblem is an okay graphical game. I'm not being biased, but this game is basically like the Gamecube graphics-wise, no matter what people may say. 6.5/10

 Controls- There are pretty good controls and options for the kind you want to use, so it's okay supposively. 8/10

 Difficulty- This is a pretty hard game, especially when you set it on hard. Now, the easy mode is easy, but the other two can get frustrating, and it deserves a good score here. 9/10

 Length- Man, with well over 50 hours, you'll be at this game for a while. Unless you're one of those hardcore gamers who play non-stop, you'll be at it for quite a long time. 9.8/10

 Overall score- Being an RPG, this game provides an excellent amount of gaming coverage. The battling graphics have somewhat improved, but even so, this game is only alright.

 Final Score- 8.3/10 Great

Recent outing 8-14-10

Pok'emon Heartgold and Soulsilver (DS)

 The lastest edition of the Pok'emon Franchise. Pok'emon HG and SS. Until September 18, which Black and White arrive in Japan, HG and SS will still be counted as newest. It's an update of the 2nd generation and is pretty good at that.

 Graphics- This is a DS game, okay? Don't expect much out of it. The spritey battle can get old, but Black and White seems promising. 6/10

 Controls- The game has good responsive controls and is easy to learn. There is a smooth time during battles choosing your attack, etc. and shouldn't be difficult at all. 8/10

 Difficulty- This game won't get hard all in all, but in the beginning is where it's at. You may struggle at the first few gyms, unless you really train, but nothing a novince can't handle. The E4 isn't terribly difficult, but you should bring plenty strong Pok'emon. 7/10

 Length- The great thing about this game is that after you beat the E4+1, you get to go back to Kanto. So even after Johto is done, you still have 8 more gyms, and 4+1 Kanto style waiting. Even after that, you have the Battle Frontier and the master trainer in Red. He has up to level 88, easily a good match-up. 9.5/10

 Overall score- This is yet another simple remake of Gold and Silver, and isn't the best Pok'emon game up to date, but it should keep you busy until Black and White release.

 Final Score-  7.6/10 Decent