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You technically won't see random games, but you will see a variety of games not fitting to the other categories like Carnival Games, which would fall under Party games.


Boomshackalaka!!!! 12-06-10

NBA Jam (Wii)

 After the huge gap since the arcade style NBA JAM, EA tries again at the high-paced and fun pick-up-and play game. How does it play after all this time? Read on to find out.

 Gameplay- The high paced fun action that's fun to play with friends is still alive, and the Wii's version has brought back that flair. 9/10

 Soundtrack- The music is pretty addictive here, and you can't go wrong with that. Plus, Tim Kitzrow's commentary is awesome to have back.  8/10

 Controls- The game makes GREAT usage of the Wii's motion gaming and yet knows how to keep it simplistic. It's great at reaction time and makes you really feel like you're there, but you can use the Classic Contoller, too if you'd prefer. 9/10

 Story- There isn't much besides the Classic Campaign, and it's just beating 36 teams. There's nothing wrong with that, but you probably won't buy this for the story. 6/10

 Length- Usually repetetive games don't last long, and this game fits under the category of repetetive. YET, it is a good version of how games like said can be good. It really shines as opposed to other repeating games. 8/10

 Quality- There's a lot to love of this game. Not only do you hear the Boomshackalaka!!!! once again, but there are various cheats you can input, like playing as the Republicans or Democrats, or unlokcing greats like Dr. J and Scottie Pippen! Nonetheless, this game is fun with friends, and you can be found playing this for a while. 9/10

 Final Score- 8.2/10 Great

Bitter disappointment 9-07-10

Spore Hero Arena (DS)

 EA's at it again with another Spore installment! But, does it fair well?

 Gameplay- Yeah you can create your own Spore Hero, but after that, there isn't much to play around with. 6/10

 Soundtrack- I do find this music to be just as expected for an EA game, so I'll keep it average. 7/0

 Controls- You can't argue with the controls for this game, so it gets what it stacks up to. 8/10

 Story- What can I say? There isn't much to do in the story after completing the creating process.  basic quests and battles will either bore you of repetition or lack any actual challenge. 5/10

 Length- Like the story, it's really lacking. 5/10

 Quality- If it weren't for the creating mode, you wouldn't find it much different from MMOs. Actually, MMOs may have the edge! 5.5/10

 Overall score- If you have the chance and/or opportunity, don't be afraid to return the game. Unless, you can find something appealing to actually keep the game, then be my guest. All I'm saying is, there are probably much better games out there than Spore Hero Arena. Have you checked out it's better Wii version?

 Final score- 6.1/10 Average

Doggiez! 9-06-10

Nintendogs (DS)

 The game released on the day of the DS Phat, it's five years strong as one of the most appealing games.

 Gameplay- Petting, feeding, contests and more, the fun never ends! 8/10

 Soundtrack- I admit, the soundtrack seems fitting for the games, and it somewhat appeals to any kind of gamer, unless of course you love FPS. Even so, some FPS players may like the music, even if it doestn't compare to Halo like music. 7/10

 Controls- With 99.5% touch-based, this may as well be the best example for the new DS's back then touch product. It has much better than compared to other games responsives. Although you can't FEEL the dog, you know it's responding. 9/10

 Story- The main story is you are a random male or female who takes care(or at least we hope) of these dogs. That's about it. Nintendogs+ cats will arrive soon,so I wouldn't see why Nintendo wouldn't release it on the 3DS's launch date. 7/10

 Length- The game is only long if you don't find repetitive a problem. 6/10

 Quality- Nintendogs will appeal to little kids and grown ups alike, so this is a great all-around game. 8/10

 Overall score- The 5 year old game should have some of these tweaks fixed once they launch Nintendogs- cats.

 Final Score- 7.5/10 Decent

Great game for all 2 9-4-10

Wii Sports Resort (Wii)

 The second version of the Wii Sports series you could say. With the need of Wii Motion Plus, multi-playing games aren't as felxible to other pals that don't have Wii Motion Plus, somewhat hindering the multi-player gaming.

 Gameplay- The gameplay itself is fun since the Wii exclusive motion controls, making this an excellent game in this category although you make find it somewhat clunky. Although, a lot of motion controlled games are like this. 8/10

 Soundtrack- Like any other Nintendo game, it has casual and family-based music. Although it's catchy, hardcore gamers will stray away from this unless you love Nintendo too much to care. 7/10

 Controls- Just like its pressador, it has easy to play controls, boosting its score. 9.5/10

 Story- Not much a story except trying to raise rankings, so it can't be graded well here. 6/10

 Length- You'll play this a little at a time for a while over for hours at a time. it has enough sports/ games to have an appeal even in the future. 8/10

 Quality- It has a good amount of activites to have a good quality score, but just don't expect much multi-playing unless you have a spare Wii Motion Plus because not as many people dived for this game instantly and you're hearing from a real-live example. 7/10

 Overall score- You can't really jump for this game, but don't count it out too soon. Unless you love these kinds of games, and is skeptical about it, you may as well just play at friends, but don't go for it yourself. I mean, I can live without it, so I'll just stick to Wii Sports, no matter how much I like basketball.

 Final score-7.6/10 Decent

Great game for all 8-15-10

Wii Sports (Wii)

 A fun game for all ages, nationalities, and even genders! Any gamer can enjoy this great game that comes with any standard Wii. It's a great icebreaker, and with 4 player possiblites with only 1 remote for some games, anything can be done.

 Graphics- The game's graphics aren't so hot. I realize this is the Wii, but no arms or legs makes it hard to give it a great grade. Even so, it's not about the graphics like said a lot, it's about the gameplay. 5.5/10

 Controls- The controls are very simple and easy to learn. Heck, someone who has NEVER played videogames could become a champ in less than a few games! That's the beauty of it. The motion controls are great too, so this deserves a thumbs-up, and helps it's lackluster graphics score. 9.5/10

 Difficulty- Becoming a pro takes time, and challenges are great fun. it's not the hardest game to beat, and yet it still proves to set up a challenge even for a gaming novince. 7.5/10

 Length- It's a sports game. There is no story line. Even so, it has 5 great sports, tons of challenges, Wii Fitness Age Test, and the multi-player fun which never gets old. I still find myself playing bowling with family and friends at times, so it is a great long-term game. 8/10

 Overall score- This is a great ice-breaker, and anyone can start a rookie, and at the end of the night, beat the pros. It's a great game to have, and all Wii owners must of played it at least once, unless you're crazy not to even slide in the disc. Don't let it's tiny quirks scare you away from revisiting this fun game for all.

 Final score- 7.6/10 Decent

Fun dsiware 8-14-10

Photo Dojo (DsiWare)

 A simple fun game. Photo Dojo. The name says it all. For 200 points, (unless you got it for free from the one month it came out in; pretty sure it was near the start of summer) it's an okay game. Don't rush to buy it. It seems better free, unless you want some sort of customizable fighting game, you can skip it.

 Graphics- This is a DsiWare. You don't expect much from this game. Now, the graphics are pretty sad, but don't let that stop you from getting this game. You can photograph poses and your face into this game, so graphics usually don't matter here. Even so, the graphics could use work. 4.5/10

 Controls- The games controls are responsive yes, but the controls get confusing sometimes in VS mode. You also tap the touch screen to do a taunt or desperation attack. this is where multi-touch screen would come in handy Nintendo! Even so, the controls are great and easy for a DsiWare game. 8/10

 Difficulty- The only real story mode is fighting 100 people. That's all. You get graded on how long it took, how much life is left, and other stuff. Not much to it. The real reason to have this is mainly VS mode. Otherwise, it's pretty lack luster. 3/10

 Length- This game is easily boring after a few hours, and there isn't much content to it. Even for 200 points, it seems shallow. (Unless you got it for free, then good for you). 3/10

 Overall score- This game is pretty cheap for it's potential. Even so, it makes a great 2-player game. Basically, you can find better free computer 2-player games than Photo Dojo. The only real advantage is taking pictures of you, your friends and backgrounds for your fights. That and the laughs you may get along with it.

 Final score- 4.6/10 Average