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 You can expect to see Scribblenauts and other puzzle/strategy games. You may see Wii or Dsi Ware in any and all review sections, though, this section may boast them.

SUPER! 10-30-10

Super Scribblenauts (DS)

 More 5th Cell action here (might as well have Lock's Quest). All kidding aside, this is the sequal to a revolutionary game. A lot of things have been improved, so a higher score will be in order.

 Gameplay- With almost unlimited possibilites, this gets a solid 9. 9/10

 Soundtrack- With the same music as its pressdors basically, it only gets a fair score. 7/10

 Controls- With excellent controls now with the ability to move either with the stylus or D-pad, and the camera won't zoom back after a few seconds, a high score is rewarded. 9.5/10

 Difficulty- 5Th Cell was concerned that the levels may make players stuck and added a Hint option. It's a nice addition and helps because the game isn't super clear on what to do. 8/10

 Length- With the addition of adjectives, this game is truly long. I mean who hasn't wanted to see a PINK LLAMA or an outraged purse attacking a tired police man. Adjectives gave the push of a 10. The 120 levels are fun, especially the Mario styled spoofed stage. 10/10

 Quality- With the time I played Super Scibblenauts I had just of one complaint. Sometimes my game would crash or freeze. Sometimes there were glitches and laggs, but if you can overlook that, you'll find a lot of quality in this game. (The glitches may be on my DSi). 8.5/10

 Overall score- A great sequal that has a lot of bonuses, like no longer having the hindering par, better physics, MUCH better level editor with a lot of stage options, health bars and more! This is a great game to get, even if you have the original. That's why it deserves the 1.1 increase in score.

 Final score- 8.7/10 Great

Draw yourself in 9-06-10

Drawn to Life (DS)

 This is yet another 5Th cell game that is creative and fun. You can count this as an action/ platforming game, but sticking it here seemed ideal. It is a mix of all 3 you could say.

 Gameplay- This game has some good gameplay overall. There isn't anything that negative about it, so I'll give it a break. 7/10

 Soundtrack- DTL has a catchy soundtrack to accompany you during gameplay. It fits at the correct time. 8/10

 Controls- The game has some scratchy controls, considering it's somewhat touch based. That's not much a problem, but I do think it is a little irresponsive at times. 6.5/10

 Story- There is an in story within this game. It's a basic plot but does have a somewhat fresh story to it too, making it pretty appealing. 8/10

 Length- This does have some fun to it, but it doesn't last that long. The fact that you can draw up different stuff may have some replay value, but not by a long-shot. 6/10

 Quality- I think that this game personally has good quality for a puzzle game. There are better games, but what game allows you to DRAW what you want? 7.5/10

 Overall score- Drawn to Life is a fun game while it lasts, and the sequal and Spongebob edition are cool, too. I'd suggest the DS version over the Wii version, only because you can draw instead of try to point and draw.

 Final score- 7.2/10 Decent

Epicyoshi favorite 8-14-10

Scribblenauts (DS)

 This is such a great title. I mean, you basically write whatever you want (no vulgar or copyrighted stuff), and it's there. Now some specifics don't work, and you can't use adjectives, but the second installment soon to come out this Fall with update it so you can use adjectives!

 Graphics- This isn't going to be HD, but on this game, it's not the graphics you pay attention to, it's the possibilites. 5TH Cell didn't really pay attention to graphics, but I don't blame them with their great game concept. Like no game before. 7/10

 Controls- You basically only use the stylus in this game. It may be somewhat irresponsive, but it's not terrible. I disliked how the camera would zoom back to the main charcter, Maxwell after a few seconds, but in second game I'm pretty sure they fixed that. 7/10

 Difficulty- The only real way this game is difficult is if you lack imagination, or a dictionary. . .Even so, this isn't a game focusing on anything, except the possiblities of what you can create. Although, the challenges can be simple, others require a lot of thought. 7/10

 Length- This may be the one area where Scibblenauts shine. It may have only 200 levels, but you can create your own levels, too! Another great thing is you can write anything on the title screen which may have more content than most games have overall! The title page is where you can spend hours creating a forest fire, a resturant, or even invade aliens! Overall, this has endless possiblites to it. 9.5/10

 Overall score- This isn't going to be the greatest game of all time, but it is very creative. It's a great game to add to your puzzle collection, and even if it's underrated, underrated games prove to be good, too.

 Final score- 7.6/10 Decent