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I have decided to cancel/ postpone the review for Animal Crossing: City Folk until further notice.

Other Big Name Games

This section will mainly focus on stuff like SSB series, TLOZ, Metroid and other big name games. Like Mario games, you can expect to see Flashbacks, too.

Revivalry 01-23-11

Sonic Colors (Wii)

 After years of bitter disappointment in Sonic games this is the game that was a step in the right direction. This game has great grpahics even for a Wii game so I really enjoyed this game. I even got it for $30 saving me $20 by waiting a few months!

 Gameplay- Usually the Sonic Team is mainly focused on speed speed speed. I'm glad this game knew how to use it up to a certain point without overdoing it. It balances it nicely. 8/10

 Soundtrack- With some catchy music that really sticks it's obvious the Sonic Team really worked hard here. 9/10

 Controls- You can play 4 ways just like Brawl which is a good thing. The controls are excellent at best, but I'm not going to complain because I had little difficulty playing although this was my first platforming Sonic game. 8/10

 Difficultly- At times I find the game to be cheap but it's not too frusterating. It has pointers along the way so it's only hard to a certain extent. 7.5/10

 Length- Depending what kind of gamer you are this game can last days or a shade under a day. Either way it'll be fun while it lasts. 8/10

 Quality- This game has some good perks and gimmicks and although it's co-op wasn't thought through the best it still is an excellent overall game. 9/10

 Overall Score- You get what you see. An awesome platforming game that balances 2-D and 3-D well. The wisps are nice additions and I would definetly recommend this to a long awaited Sonic Fan. (And if you were on Mario's bandwagon during the console war, i advise you don't miss out on this game). I truly hope for a sequal.

 Final score- 8.3/10 Great

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Trilogy ender 9-25-10

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)

 A great way to end the trilogy. I recently got it for a really great price at Gamestop for pre-owned. (It was $20!) I'm not complaining with a great game like this.

 Gameplay- The analog stick really helps in this gamne. I like the fact you can play this game moving the visor with the Wii remote. I love turning into the Morph ball in order to seek smaller places. There are a lot of neat items, nonetheless the gameplay feels great. 9/10

 Soundtrack- To say the least, this game is a great sci-fi sort of themed game and has the fitting music. The boss battles have a great intense music to it, so if you liked any of this, you'll get it for the music! The voice-acting is flawless, too. 10/ 10

 Controls- The Nunchuck really adds to the depth, and the conrtols are good for any means necessary. 9/10

 Difficulty- The game can be tricky at times and you may think,"this game is hard!" It is. What's my point in saying it's tricky? I don't know. it's a fun game with some toughness in one! 8/10

 Length- Give credit to Metroid as this is a good length for the game franchise. The cutscenes really add to the fun. 8.5/10

 Quality- A lovely game with good presentation. The picture to the right may seem bad, but it's a picture. The actual game looks crisp like if it were a story, even in action-packed scenes. You get your money's worth. 9.5/10

 Overallscore- A good game Nintendo has made that wasn't a Mario spinoff. One of those games for hardcore players. TLOZ somewhat is for hardcore players especially with Skyward Sword coming out soon.

 Final Score- 9.0/10  Excellent

Pre-release review 8-30-10

Metroid: Other M (Wii)

 What can I say? Nintendo and Team Ninja did a heck of a job. The fact we haven't had a new Metroid game for a while makes this game that much better.

 Gameplay- The fact that you can only use the Wii Remote held like a NES controller has worried a lot of fans due to the better feel of an analog stick. Even so, I didn't feel that the no Nunchuck thing wasn't much to hinder the game. It feels great considering it's a somewhat 2-d platformer/ FPS. BTW, I dislike FPS, but this game actually changed my perspective on these kinds of games. 9/10

 Soundtrack- What can I say? It's a Metroid game. Addictive soundtracks make this a great game to play with the music. 8/10

 Controls- I'm not complaining about these controls. they're great to play with and after the initial few minutes of play, you get used to the no control stick thing. 7/10

 Story- Man, with great cutscenes somewhat like how Brawl had a lot of good scenes, makes this an excellent story-telling sorta game. I absolutley love how they look at Samus Aran's past as a Galactic Federation soldier. 9.5/10

 Length- Like basically all Metroid games, it's somewhat short. In the sense it's about 10 hours depending what kind of gamer you are. It has cutscenes to cut the gameplay, but it is EXCELLENT when you play it, with stuff to do afterwards, making it a fair game for any Metroid game standards. 8/10

 Quality- With great graphics like expected from Team Ninja, it has a great 3-d feel and that 2-d rail is gone. Switching from 3rd person to 1st is brilliant. This has a great appeal even if you didn't like Metroid in the first place. 8/10

 Overall Score- What can I say? It's a great game and reveals a lot of Samus we didn't know. Not saying it's a story-book, because it has some epic gameplay in it.

 Final Score- 8.25/10 Great

"Do it yourself" 8-28-10

WarioWare D.I.Y. (DS)

 A DIY game. Unlike the past WarioWares, this one has a make it yourself mode. There are still microgames to it, but now you can create your own. People have made stupendous games over Wi-Fi.

 Graphics- Being a DS game and all, it's really spritey. Now, you can draw your own creations, so you can't really blame a 2-d game. 7/10

 Controls- Being solely a touch screen game, it doesn't provide much button usage. This isn't a down-fall, but all the micro-games can only use touch. Basically you only tap, and that's all there is to it. 5/10

 Difficulty- There isn't much a story, so it's not that hard. Now, some micro-games may be tough at first, but it doesn't provide much challenge. Even so, this is a DIY game, not needing much difficulty at all. 6/10

 Length- Like WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase for the Wii (WiiWare), you can download games with Wi-Fi for free. You can have a limited amount of games in your storage (90), but you also can delete freely. There are tons of games out there, and you can enter contests in order to post yours! There are 18 included micro-games and add up to 90 by day 5, so you'll have fun for some time. 8/10

 Overall score- This game has it's perks and tweaks necessary, like for example, an easier Game Makermatic! Even so, it's fun to play if you've always wanted to create like 5 seconds of game! But, if you like playing and are too lazy to create, skip it.

 Final Score- 6.5/10 Average (It'd be a 7+ for any gamer who likes making games).

Flashback 8-15-10

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (N64)

 What a great Virtual Console game. It may be at a questionable $10, but I'm questioning this great game. There's so much fun for all, that you can even play multi-player mini-games! (Even if you can't co-op or even play a 2 player story mode, but all is forgiven).

 Graphics: Although they seem like a joke to gamers today, what with the 3Ds and all coming out, during it's time, it was stupendous graphics. You just can't complain about the good old days and their developing graphics. 7/10

 Controls- Yes, you do have to use a NGC or Classic Controler, but there are simply contols none the less. They are pretty responsive, and you can't seem to complain about this game's controls, especially for it's time. 8/10

 Difficulty- Now, this is where most Kirby games struggle. There isn't much challenge to this game,and can easily be beat within a few goes. Although, it makes a good game for newcomers. 5/10

 Length- This game has over 5 worlds to it, with about 4 levels a world giving it over 15 levels/ and over 5 boss stages to beat. You still have to collect all they shards, all the mystery cards, and beat the bosses, which can take a while, but it won't eat into your longer games you may have to play. 7.25/10

 Overall score- This game is pretty fun all around, and has 3 multi-player compatible mini-games, but all this can't cover up the easiness of the game. Most hardcore players want harder challenges, and want it now. Because a lot of awaiting Kirby fans want a challenge, and I hope that Masahiro Sakurai is listening, because you have a great character design, but you need the games to prove it. All we ask is for a harder game, and I really hope Kirby's Epic Yarn can help all the Kirby fans calling this out. This game easily could of made it to the decents rank, but for now it'll settle as average.

 Final score- 6.8/10 Average Weird how both Kirby reviewed games got the same exact score! Both games got a 5 in difficulty and 7 in graphics. Ironic, huh?

TLOZ fans 8-15-10

 Credits to annoyed1216 (Our newest member) for this review idea and help making it. Want to sign up? Click the sign-up button on the top of the sidebar. Want to see all the members? Click here.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS)

 A great addition to a fanastic seires. We have The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

 Graphics- The game proves to have fun graphics; yes. But, even so, the graphics can be glitchy, and there could be work. Overall, for a DS game, it has pretty good graphics to the exception of glitches and some blocky people. 7/10

 Controls- This game has pretty easy to get used to controls after the first 10 or so minutes. It's a little hard to have the whole touch screen sort of controls, which is a major reason why this didn't get a high score in this category. 6.5/10

 Difficulty- The core of  the game is pretty solid. It's not going to be the toughest game you've played, but don't expect an easy time around your first go at it. 7/10

 Length- This is a pretty long story to this game, but once you beat the game, aside from collecting everything, there isn't much an after story. Even so, that shouldn't overshadow it's awesome story. 9/10

 Overall score- This is a great game for all Legend of Zelda fans, and can appeal to Mario fans. It has some funny parts to this game, and is a solid investment overall. The low score doesn't really reflect on it's awesomeness overall.

 Final score- 7.4/10 Decent

Fun remake 8-14-10

Kirby:Super Star Ultra (DS)

 The game within a game. This game provides many individual seperate adventures to go on. Plus, it come with 5 mini games! This is a fun yet underrated game worth checking out.

 Graphics- KSSU has fun and vibrant colors and graphics. It may be in 2-d sprites, but you can't ignore the fact that this is an older game. (A few years ago). 7/10

 Controls- At first glance, it seems to use a lot of controls. But, after "Spring Breeze", which is the beginner's stage, it gets simple to remember. Plus, in reality, it is simpler contols and more responsive than most games. 8.5/10

 Difficulty- This is a Kirby game, and you shouldn't really expect much of a challenge. Besides the mediocre boss battle level where you fight all the bosses, this game is easily beat in about 3 seatings depending how much you play at a time. Nonetheless, it's great only if you're a newbie to videogames. 5/10

 Length- You don't expect the game to be long, with various modes. It won't be RPG long, but it's longer than standard cheap games. It may as well have been side quests. 6.5/10

 Overall score- Kirby:Super Star Ultra is shorter than other big name games, but doesn't mean you should count out this pink puff ball. There are almost 20 powers, and a great new partner mode. Just don't expect to be playing it for months to come.

 Final score- 6.8/10 Average  Don't let this low score scare you away from this game. It's still fun to re-play.

Somewhat recent game 8-13-10

Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii)

 The final version of the Smash bros series, but boy is it a heck of a game! Sure it  may be pricy at $49.99 at most retailers, but it has A LOT of depth to it. With 35 characters, 41 stages and tons of thing to do, you'll be brawling for quite a while.

 Graphics- Brawl has clear and crisp graphics. Not to oversell it, because you won't see it like if it were a Sony game. Nonetheless, it has great graphics for the Wii standards. 9.5/10

 Controls- This game has easy to learn controls. You don't need nifty combos. More like strategy in some cases. With four ways to play, you should be able to find the best controller suited for you. 9/10

 Difficulty- The story mode in Brawl can get terribly difficult. Tabuu is the hardest boss on here, but other than that, it isn't seriously bad where you need pros to help. Most novinces can get to Tabuu. The brawls can be very easy as in level 1, or really hard as in level 9. It's up to you to choose your prefered level. 8.5/10

 Length- From Classic Mode to All Star Mode to Special Brawl to The Subspace Emissionary, this game has TONS of things to do. It deserves a solid 10, with all the work put into it. 10/10

 Overall score- A great way to end a series. Brawl was one of the best games of 2007, but still seems to have its spot in Nintendo fans forever. This is a GREAT multiplayer game, and has a great co-op story mode, too.

 Final score- 9.3/10 Excellent