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We have the news you all have been waiting for. The 3DS specs as you will:

Release Date for U.S.: March 27th 2011, Sunday

Price: $249.99 MRSP

Pre-order: Yes, at Gamestop

What we know it includes: Charging Cradle Dock, 2 GB SD card

Other: The augumented reality (AR) allows you to take a picture of something and then fight it in 3-D. So the projectiles they send at you are literally coming at you!

Nintendo news


Wow. Two updates within three days. The Nintendo is really buzzing after a quiet December.

We have some awesome links reguarding the 3DS!

For battery life coverage click the following:


For pre-ordering this baby click the following: http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/26/nintendo-3ds-pre-orders-begin-at-gamestop-still-no-official-us?icid=sphere_blogsmith_inpage_engadget

We also have some Poke'mon Black and White news. The game is available to pre-order as of now and will cost $34.99 excluding tax. You can also head to any Gamestop and claim a Raikou, Entei or Sucine. The good news is they're all shiny and if you transfer over the shiny Raikou to black or White then you can battle Zorack and try catching it! It's your only chance! For more details visit a local Gamestop or head over to: http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml and check out the January 7th news.

Nintendo news


Whew! We made it to 2011! The first Nintendo news of the Year! Here are some upcoming games and releases dates for some:


Red: Wii

White: DS

Kingdom Hearts:Recoded 1/11/11 (Tuesday)

The Legend Of Zelda:Skyward Sword is scheduled for early this year.

Mario Sports Mix will be hitting shelves on 2/7/11 which is a Monday. (Quick note: This date is also NBA player's Steve Nash's 37th birthday)!

Poke'mon Black/White is due 3/6/11 (Sunday).

Okamiden will be out on 3/15/11 (Tuesday).

And don't forget the 3DS is scheduled for March! This is going to be a great first quarter for Nintendo!

Nintendo news


Well, tommorow's the release of Super Mario-All Stars. We can't wait to get our hands on this one, so get ready for a review once we get it. 

Save for the music, here's what's in store. (We could only get the Japanse screenshot of the whole deal).

And remember, if you register it on Club Nintendo you get an extra 10 coins!

Nintendo news


Big news for all Classic Mario gamers. On December 12th of this year Super Mario All-Stars will come out for the Wii! Being only $29 makes this a must-have! Check out this link for all the details: Super Mario All-Stars

Nintendo news


Here are some awesome games soon to come that caught our eyes:


Sonic Colors received a 9.0 and 7.5 on the Wii and DS respectively by Nintendo Power and it does look very stimulating. Perhaps this game could turn the series around?





I don't know much about Golden Sun: Dark Dawn but boy does it look good.




THQ's Dood's Big Adventure isn't going to be the next big thing, but what reminds us of a stylus and a screenboard, this game looks fun and interactive. I mean, imagine Drawn To Life on the Wii with the stylus option!






Yeah. You probably remember these guys. Well, Donkey Kong Country Returns is coming soon! Compare the old game to the new one!


Nintendo news


Good news. The 3DS's price isn't offical for stateside. It may be around $250 but no confirmed price. Luckily, it has a 2GB memory card, a starter kit and other stuff I can't recall if not that's it. Also, you can transfer Dsi ware over. There are restrictions which are unknown of. . .as of now. Check out http://ign.com/ for more specs they have.


On October 12th Super Scribblenauts is scheduled for release. Kirby's Epic Yarn follows on the 17th. Some games to loom forward to soon. Once and if we can nab these games, we'll give you a review on it! So hang tight!

Nintendo news


The news is out. The 3DS will launch in February, in Japan for $300 U.S. dollars. Hefty price, I know. America should get it about a month after in March, so mark those calendars, and REALLY save up 'till then.

Hopefully, the 3DS will come in a bundle for that much money, like maybe Kid Icarus or Nintendog + Cats to appeal to either gender. Hopefully, the price will lower over time, but let's hope it won't take years. Heck, at that price, it should be like a 360 or PS3, but the ability to play 3-d movies, 3-d video, 3-d videogames, I think it MAY be well worth it. Hopefully Gamestop has a trial-version in stores during March to see if it's a gimmick or not. Although, I'm pretty sure it's not. Since there is no offical U.S. release date, stick with http://epicyoshi.webs.com/ for the latest news on all things Nintendo, including this baby. ----->


 Want more info now? Try http://www.ign.com/, http://www.supercheats.com/ or any other videogame website.

Nintendo news


Remember everyone, the 3DS's price and launch date will be announced on September 29th! (Hopefully). Finger's crossed! Where they'll announce it? I don't know, but Youtube and Nintendo.com may be the place to be then.

Nintendo news


For all who loved Pikmin and Luigi's Mansion, you may just have the right to dance. The creator of Luigi's Mansion says that he may make another game on the 3DS. Japan also may be getting the 3DS late november which means the U.S. may not be that far behind. How do we know this? Well, the creator for game cases and such says that those accessories should release near the end of November. Now, why would they sell cases and such without the product? Fingers crossed! A lot may happen soon, so get ready for the inevitable.

 In Pok'emon news, the three Isshu starters have benn confirmed! The release pics for the whole chain for the starters are in fact real! Head over to http://serebii.net.com/ and check the Archieves. It should be around from either this weeks news or the week before.



This is at stake!---------------------------------------------------------------------->

Nintendo news


For a MASSIVE AMOUNT of 3DS coverage, visit the following link: http://www.nintendo3dsinfo.com/the-ultimate-nintendo-3ds-faq-everything-we-know-about-the-3ds/. This site has tons of coverage including possibly no more friend codes but a simpler code thingy (I think i'm speaking for everyone when I say fingers crossed).

Nintendo news


From http://www.engadget.com/ I had read that there is a possibility that the Miis from everyone's Wii may appear on the 3DS. This is exciting news that I just had to share.

More news is that the Dsi and Dsi XL are suppose to drop $20 each starting Sept. 12th, so if you're out to get one, wait untill then.

Nintendo news


With Other M coming out today, things are starting to heat up. With Kirby's Epic Yarn, Super Scribblenauts, Black/ White and more coming out, the Nintendo World just got epicer. The 3DS with great additions to favorite classics like Ocarina of Time, Star Fox 64 3D, Paper Mario 3D and more, we can't wait 'till it's release.

Nintendo news


There isn't much buzz going on in the Nintendo World, which explains the hardly updated Nintendo News page. If there is news, we'll update you, but for now, I guess we wait.

Nintendo news


The big story. The Nintendo 3DS. HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT- The 3DS release date and price will be revealed on September 29, 2010. So mark those calendars.

Known features: 3D (I hope that's a duh moment).                              

Gyro and motion sensor.

Slide Pad.

3 cameras.

     -3D pictures

Home button.

3D slider (To adjust the levels of 3D).

And more!

 Possible features: 3D movies (Hopefully).

3D videos.

 You're welcome to visit the forums to discuss what you'd like to see in the 3DS, but it most likely won't affect the outcome of this product.

 Can't remember much more. For more info go to http://www.nintendo.com/ and visit E3 or Google it.

Nintendo news


Kid Icarus will include a Brawl exclusive: Pit.

Pok'emon Black/White will have the ability to move Pok'emon around the battle field!

In "The Legend Of Zelda: The Skyward Sword", w/ Wii Motion Plus, you can move the Wiimote and Nunchuck to attack and defend!

Finally, there are 4 confirmed sports on " Mario Sports Mix". Basketball, Ice Hockey, Dodgeball and Volleyball.

Nintnedo news

Keeping you up to date on Nintendo info.

7-25-10-3DS games will include stuff like Mario Kart, Paper Mario, StarFox 3D, and other great titles.

             -Wii games that are soon to come include games like: Mario Sports Mix, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Metroid Other M, and other great titles.

             -Pok'emon Black & White are soon to released around Spring 2011 with great feautures like Triple battles and great new Pok'emon!

             -DS games like Sonic Colors, Pok'emon Ranger: Guardian Signs, and Super Scribblenauts are sure to be anticipated.