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 In this section, you'll find Mario game reviews. Whether it's old 8-bit style flashbacks or new age games. Even if you think that a Mario game would fall under another genre, it'll fall in this category because of the vast games they have, it's easier to make it's own section.


Sequal to Strikers 12-20-10

Mario Strikers Charged (Wii)

 One of Mario's famous spin-off sports game, the sequal to the Gamecube Striker's game is yet another great fun multi-player game. Let's go in-depth of the great game for any fan, soccer or not.

 Gameplay- The transition in this game is pretty good. There's a fun and frantic formula to it, but the lengthy load times burdens it's score and excitement. 7.5/10

 Soundtrack- This game has some hardcore music to it. What I'm amused is when you pause the game elevator-like music plays. Nonetheless, the music is great. 8.5/10

 Controls- There are pretty easy-to-learn controls and may take a few minutes to get used to them, but otherwise it's superb. I do question the 1 button being the pause button, though. 8/10

 Difficulty- I don't really think this game is that hard, much more of that the AI is a little cheap, especially with certain characters. Even so, you will get frusterated, and I felt like it takes REAL skill to pull off wins aginst certain AI. 7/10

 Length- The Striker's cup is the real story where you play against various foes in 3 cups consisting of 6 to 10 games. It's not that long, but I think some gamers will rather play v.s. mode. 8/10

 Quality- This game doesn't bring much motion-control besides a shake for tackling and a nunchuck shake for messing up the foes Megastrike's, a new addition, meter. There's a lot of fun when you can play co-op and you just can't beat the fun 4-on-4 soccer chaos. 9/10

 Overall Score- The game has it's hgih points and low points. Even if you don't like soccer but you like frantic action, give this game a try.

 Final Score- 8/10 Great

Snes to Wii 12-12-10

Super Mario All Stars (Wii)

 Everyone remember the Snes version of Super Mario All Stars? Well, if you don't, you can relive it again on the Wii for only $29! It comes with 4 of you favorite classics, a music disc with 20 songs/sound effects and a 32 page book.

 Gameplay- The simple 1-2 button combo made these games simplictic yet fun. Never doubt Mario. 9/10

 Soundtrack- The fun beats, awesome power-ups noises and extra CD in this package makes it all worth-while. 8.5/10

 Controls- Like said before, a great game to play with greater controls. 8.5/10

 Difficulty- Remember that there's Super Mario: Lost Levels in here, the harder Japanse version released a year after the original. The other 3 games vets can take, but the Lost Levels always prove to be fun and hard. 9/10

 Length- Super Mario 1/2/3/Lost Levels. Four games calls for hundreds of mind-boggling levels. This game will take a good chunk of your time. 9/10

 Quality- These games are great because it's multi-purposal. One: You can have this for the package. 2: Lost levels! 3: Sentimental Resons 4: Included book and CD. and 5: It's all updated and is much better if you can't find the other version for the GBA. 9.5/10

 Overall score- This game is truly a masterpiece. You may be able to play these on the internet i.e. Emulators, but you can't beat the exclusive package, CD, book and Wii-Remote feel. And Virtual Console...skip it! This game adds up nicely price-wise. This game's score says it all.

 Final score- 8.92/10 Great  (Side note:(12/20/10) I recieved a copy of Nintendo Power a few days after I wrote this Review and wow I was shocked! I was really close to their score! They graded this game just 0.8 higher than I did! Amazing!)

Finally getting reviewed 11-18-10

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

 The start of a great era. Super mario Galaxy has a slow start, and it lost my interest within the first few levels. It may be me, and it was. After I really got into the action, boy I couldn't stop playing! Truth be told, I'm reviewing this game over the 2nd one because I haven't even finished the 1st (I play in short bursts).

 Gameplay- With epic gameplay, stunning visuals and fun to explore and play, this game is too good for words. 9/10

 Soundtrack- I feel like I'm in the game with super crisp music, and let's not forget it's awesome tunes! 9/10

 Controls- Easy to learn controls that don't lack anywhere make this a very reliable game. 8.75/10

 Difficulty- You see that picture to your right? Ya, those look like some tough competion. And yes, this game is not for noobies. 9.75/10

 Length- Well, you do have to collect 120 stars to fully beat the game (which then you can play as Luigi). I'd say its long. 9/10

 Quality- This game has all a hardcore gamer wants! (And gamer novinces and such). You have epic graphics, tough bosses, nice mind-boggling galaxies and more. You tell me if that's not quality. 10/10

 Overall score- This game is packaged and ready to go. I love this game and you probably won't find many games with this graphics on the Wii. And is you finish this one, the sequal is waiting.

 Final Score- 9.3/10 Excellent (Yes, it got the same score as Brawl).

Suggested game 8-25-10

This game was suggested by annoyed1216, a fellow member.

Paper Mario (N64)

 A fun RPG game for the N64 and or Virtual Console for only 1000 points($10).

 Graphics- This game couldn't define 2-D any better. PAPER Mario. The graphics suprisevly can be blocky, which is a major thumbs-down. 6.5/10

 Control- An easy to pick-up and play game with responsive controls. This makes up for its lack-luster graphics. 8/10

 Difficulty- Paper Mario is hard at some parts, but basically easy otherwise. The fact that there is no 2-player is very concerning. 7.5/10

 Length- Boy, this game is quick to beat. If you play all night, you would beat it in about 2 days. Now, if you play it casually, it's okay and has some replay value. Otherwise, it's way TOO easy to beat. 5/10

 Overall score- It's an okay RPG, but nothing to get excited about. IF you love the Paper Mario series, it's fine to buy. But, if you don't fancy RPGs or Mario, might as well skip it.

 Final score- 6.8/10 Decent (BTW, anything over 6 is a pretty good buy, it's just the rubric's grading system's harsh grading).

Fun racer 8-15-10

Mario Kart DS (DS)

 A great racing game. With tons of characters, cool tracks, and epic missions, Mario Kart DS is a handful!

 Graphics- This game came out basically came out when the DS phat came out in 2005, so don't question the great graphics for a new game for a new system then. Now, it's only alright graphics. 7/10

 Controls- A to accelerate. B to brake. D-Pad to steer. X or L to use items. R to drift. Y to change maps on the bottom screen, or touch the screen. Simple to learn controls. Couldn't get better than this. 9/10

 Difficulty- The missions are fun and some-what hard. The races, even on the hardest levels can be put, still seem easily beat. I'm not so sure that this can be considered hard, but for a racing game, nobody expects much. 7/10

 Length- This game mostly is a game you'll play just for good multi-playing or to beat the cups. Now, even so, in the end, I still find myself playing this game every now and then, just for fun, which every game wants to be able to make gamers do. 8/10

 Overall score- This is a fun game to play with new additions like Dry Bones and tons of karts for all. Mario Kart DS brings back old classic tracks from the pressador games and updates them. Overall, this is a solid investments for somebody who loves racing on the fly. The multi-player is fun, and one game cartilage can support 7 other racers. All 7 will have to be Shy Guy, unless your other buddies have a spare. Even so, it even supports Wi-Fi, so you will never have to race alone.

 Final score- 7.8/10 Decent

Popular multiplayer game 8-14-10

New Super Mario Bros Wii (Wii)

 Odd how I follow up Super Mario Bros 3 with it's updated version. It's a great game, although some rookies may find this game hard. Good thing they made a Luigi Guide if you fail on a level 8 times. A special award awaits non-Luigi Guide players.

 Graphics- Hey, it's a 2-d side scrolling platformer. You don't expect much. Even so, it doesn' look too spritey, which is acceptable. I mean, this IS a Wii game. 8/10

 Controls- With controls almost basically like SMB3, it does add more actions and options. For a multi-player game, it's pick-up-and-play friendly. 9.5/10

 Difficulty- This game may be a hazard to new Mario players, but not severely. It doesn't mean back away from this awesome game . You may find it hard, but Luigi will be there if you get really stuck. 9/10

 Length- You won't be at this game for months, but don't expect a weeks worth of play. Unless you're an all-night gamer, NSMB Wii should last for a while. It has tons of new exciting features and suits. What can I say? It's good old fashion fun. 8.5/10

 Overall score- With Yoshi, 4 player co-op, better graphics and more, how could you pass on this game? Unless you'd rather stick to shooters or RPGs, give New Super Mario Bros Wii a try. The multi-player is great, even if there are multiple Toads, which can be overlooked.

 Final score- 8.8/10 Great

Flashback 8-13-10

Super Mario Bros 3 (NES/VC)

 The what is to be believed best 8-bit game if not the top game ever created by Nintendo. This was an excellent game introducing tons of new suits/power-ups and still brings joy to Virtual Console players. Plus, it's only 500 points($5)!

Graphics- The graphics for this game isn't like the revoltionary graphics we have today, but for it's time, it was pretty darn good. 8/10

Controls- The controls for this game couldn't be simpler. It's pretty easy to learn and smooth, too. 9/10

Difficulty- SMB3 may not have the hardest levels in the world, but it wasn't a walk in the park either. It should keep the difficulty rising every level or so. 7.5/10

Length- It may have eight worlds, and may not seem like much. Though, if you think of it, there are over 90 levels, some tough stages, tough bosses, random Hammer Bros., Toad shops and more. It 's not going to last for ages, but you won't get through it like that. 8/10

Overall score- It's a great classic to revisit, and is worth those $5. It has great memories and is fun all in all. I would definetly recommend this to a fellow gamer.

Final score- 8.1/10 GREAT