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 If you wish to contact us, go ahead and send an e-mail to pokemaster395@gmail.com. When you compose the letter, state you situation. This is mainly for questions and comments. If you're here to suggest a game to review, please consider the following:

 Just because you don't get a reply, doen't mean we ignored you. It may take a few days to get to your letter, so don't panic.

 Make sure your game suggestion is legit, in Engish, in U.S. stores, is real, and most importantly, on Nintendo systems!

 Don't spam, just type one letter. If it's about an error in a previous letter, or on a different topic, it's okay to send more than one e-mail. MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPELLING/GRAMMAR. IF ENGLISH ISN'T YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE, PLEASE STATE THAT. WE WILL ACKNOWLEDGE THAT.                                   

 *Spot an error, something spelled wrong, or a problem with this site? It's recommended that you post the problem by clicking here so that we may fix this so that this site can become better site overall. It will be appreciated and acknowledged. You will also be recognized on the Home page if your information helps and is accurate. MAKE SURE YOUR INFORMATION IS ACCURATE, OR IT WILL BE IGNORED.