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Reply carnofmbcz
9:59 PM on May 6, 2013 
In Qingdao can episcopal experienced Zhang Wailong: Guest field is kicked hammer and tongs smooth go
In Qingdao can episcopal experienced Zhang Wailong also is protected as what team places 10 dispute the sports season goal of 8 general, make known his position low-keyly. Face this each oneself 3 degrees of fight hand to hand win match of a minute only, zhang Wailong expresses, hope this match can take away a minute from the hand of Guizhou support of the people.
Zhang Wailong spoke of Qingdao above all in can prepare for war circumstance, "In Qingdao can the team supports energetically in broad fan and club below, through first time and model of the 2nd winter, had made sufficient preparation. We know Guizhou support of the people is one Zhi Yaguan team, very outstanding, also have actual strength very much, and they also had hit the first inferior coronal. Although we are guest field, still can have hit hammer and tongs, make broad fan satisfactory. Make broad fan satisfactory..
Guizhou Air Jordan 3 Chalcedony support of the people surpasses end hind in Benchangbi, will fly go to Korea water former, prepare for war of as former as water on March 13 SamSung inferior coronal league matches, this to Qingdao in can for be a benefit? After all, guizhou person and to assure inferior the achievement of coronal competition ground, this field match won't expedite the strongest battle array possibly give fight. To this problem, zhang Wailong says: "Do they hit the match and us what to concern there is with water former SamSung? The brunt of Guizhou team and reserve do not have how old difference, bench actual strength is very good, so he can be obtained last year inferior coronal qualification. So he can be obtained last year inferior coronal qualification..
Treat in Zhang Wailong below, can mix with Guizhou person in Qingdao fight hand to hand 3, 2 negative 1 smooth have not get the better of accomplishment, this field match faces the family of the victim in a murder case, whether does Zhang Wailong have confidence to break deeply awkward? To this, zhang Wailong maintained as always low-key, "Our team just reachs the designated position in aid of inside and outside now, had not adjusted completely good, this needs a few time. The target tomorrow affirms Guizhou team is to should take 3 minutes, nevertheless we also had made preparation, we prepare to take below one minute. Of course, the result of the match is in only the ability after the match ends knows. The result of the match is in only the ability after the match ends knows..
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Reply insurcish
7:15 AM on May 2, 2013 
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Reply Maj
5:28 PM on August 22, 2012 
ur black
Reply Epicyoshi
11:53 PM on March 11, 2012 
Affiliates? What's your site?
Reply Mintomami
9:42 PM on March 9, 2012 
Hey wana be affies?
Reply MeTalk
4:34 AM on April 2, 2011 
Reply Epicyoshi
6:58 PM on April 1, 2011 
*too lazy to log in*
Reply MeTalk
4:48 PM on April 1, 2011 
hi!!! were yu fooled today? iwasnt, yay! idid fool my friend though. i'told her i' wouldn't be on the bus but iwas and she believed me, yay.
ihope your all ok and have a happy easter (iknow i'm early, but oh well)
Reply Epicyoshi
12:19 PM on December 23, 2010 
Why'd you have to leave Metalk?! WHY?!
Reply MeTalk
6:47 AM on December 22, 2010 
hi its metalk here! just wanted to say merry christmas and happy new year! i hope santa gives you everything you wish for :D