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Review of Okami by annoyed1216

Posted by annoyed1216 on December 31, 2010 at 9:32 PM Comments comments (0)

Okami-making japan even cooler than it was before.

Just a quick review done by your friendly(kinda) annoyed(and annoying) gamer.:L

This game is for PS2/Wii,I'm reviewing the Wii game,but both are essentially the same.

Gameplay-The gameplay in this game is almost like the other game Scribblenauts,but without the ability to think of anything you wnat to draw.The main feature of this game is the Celestial Brush,a tool that the sun goddess,Amaterasu(the wolf on the cover)is able to use to change the world around her.Some of the techniques you can use are:Cherry Bombs-They're bombs.....need I explain more?Power Slash-Again,you slash things......no further explanation needed.....And many more to discover!This game is also (what some gamers say) a japanese version of Legend of Zelda....which I would have to agree with.It's pretty awesome.This game is also kind of an RPG,mostly because of it's Leveling up part.In this game,you Level up Stats such as your Health and how much you can use your Celestial Brush,but you level up by helping people.Everytime you help someone,you accumulate Praise,and with Praise,you raise your Stats,so if you like RPG's and Legend of Zelda,you will LOVE the gameplay elements of this game.score:7/10 wolves.

Story-As explained in the previous segment,thsi game is like a japanese Legend of Zelda,but with more awesome!The world has been destroyed,due to the re-release of a horrible evil that was slain 100 years ago by the maginificient warrior Nagi.The game pretty much tells you that story OVER and OVER again,but I guess they want you to remember that.You,the reincarnation of Amaterasu(Ah-muh-ter-ah-soo) the sun goddess,have been chosen to help save the world,and rid it of the newly awakened evil.As soon as you start the game,you meet the wonderful little perverted version of Navi from LoZ,Issun the wandering artist.With Issun(Ee-soon) you go around the world,collecting the 13 brush techniques

This guy is one of the many animals from the Zodiac calendar that you learn brush techniques from,The Dragon,The Bull,Monkey,Chicken,Snake,Cat,Rat,Rabbit,Sheep,Tiger,Horse,Pig,and Dog,but you know the dog one already,seeing as you are one.

and ridding the world of the darkness.Using the Celestial Brush and it's 13 brush techniques,you can change what happens in the world,as if it's your own canvas!So all-in-all,a pretty good story.Note: This game is rated T for Teen for a reason,mostly because of all the perverted things,and all the fan service this game provides,so this isn't just a child's game.score:8/10 goddesses

Soundtrack-This game doesn't have much of an OST,but the music in this game is GOD-AWESOME!You will want to just stand out in the middle of the field(in the game)and listen to this AMAZING music!This music is almost on par with Super Mario Galaxy,but thats another review.score:7.6/10 perverted male Navi's

Difficulty-Unless your a newbie to LoZ style puzzles,you won't have much of a tough time with this game,but if your new to those kinds of puzzles,don't worry,you got tons of walkthroughs on the internet + all the tutorials that they give you in this game.score:6.8/10 Demon Fangs

Controls-Note:I will be reviewing the controls for the Wii version of this game,mostly because thats the only version I've played.   The controls for this game are pretty simple once you get the hang of it,it's pretty cool.B=Celestial Brush A=Jump Control Stick=Move(Yes,you need the Wii Nunchuk to be able to play this, game,which is annoying if it is to you.)And once you understand them,It's easy to remember.score:7.2/10 Holy Bones

Final Recollections-This game is fantastic,no other words could describe it.If your looking for a Legend of Zelda-type game,but nothing thats too cartoony/childlike,then GET THIS GAME,it would suit you perfectly.

Final Score:7.3/10 Annoyed Points.See?I told you this game is great,just look at that score!granted,that's not all that high,but it's still fantastic,and it would have been a 9.2,trust me. :L

As for now,good day~annoyed1216 :L

3 month anniversity coming up!

Posted by Epicyoshi on October 16, 2010 at 2:06 PM Comments comments (2)

Check out the 3 month anniversity headed your way October 24th! That's a Sunday eveyone, so get ready! The celebration starts as early as Friday the 22nd and ends Monday the 25th! Come on and join the fun! Over 5500 views, 17 members, almost 600 Forum posts, all under 3 months!

Goin' strong

Posted by Epicyoshi on September 3, 2010 at 11:08 PM Comments comments (3)

 The site has actually been doing good for itself. 5 members, over 1000 views, all in less than 2 months. I really enjoy the members and feedback, making this a worthwhile site. Thanks to all who made this a truly enjoyable place.

Up and Going

Posted by Epicyoshi on July 25, 2010 at 3:51 PM Comments comments (2)

 Well, this is my first blog on the second day of the EpicYoshi site. There isn't too much too say but it is quite stressful at first.( This is my 3rd site.) It does have a payoff, , if people visit . My first site wasn't much a sucess, while my second did a tiny bit better than the first. This one? We'll have to find out ourselves.