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EpicYoshi is moving! 6-17-13

The entire epicyoshi staff has moved to a new site and updated site. Feel free to join! We would love to bring you along on our journey and to meet new members! Just click here!

1 year later 3-11-13

Still a good game, but not as much.

League of Legends 3-11-12

It's a fun game. That is all.

Site modifications 04-23-11

I've deleted the Epicyoshi Tourney and Videogame Quizes since neither really served a purpose. (Yeah I've ended the Epicyoshi Tourney). I've also deleted various things from the sidebars including: Best Of Webs, Shoutout and Site Stats.

Wifinetwork 03-12-11

Since Epicyoshi is dying down I've decided to move on with a new website called http://wifinetwork.webs.com/. It'll have wifi related stuff like sharing freind codes, Spongebob and Cartoon Network stuff and just fun stuff like tons of videos to watch! Join today to continue the pokemaster395@gmail.com website legacy!

Black/White 03-10-11

Well the games are out and so far I think it may be up there in one of the best Poke'mon games ever. Expect ugly and odd Poke'mon though. And some stupid ones, too like an ice cream...

The 3DS will be out in about 16 days since I saw it around nintendo.com's countdown.

Upcoming Releases 02-26-11

 I know it's been a while but I got some news that I didn't feel like posting elsewhere. I realize the site has really died down but I'm still gonna post it.

Poke'mon Black/White-March 6th, Sunday

Okamiden-March 15th, Tuesday

Nintendo 3DS-March 27th, Sunday

More news: http://nintendo.com/  

Updates 01-23-11

While I've changed back the template to it's original desgn due to some poor feedback I've also added a review under "Big Name Games". Trust me, you'll wanna see the review. Also, I have more Nintendo News to share regarding the 3Ds, so click away!

A link you must click! 1-09-11

Man, there is too much news booming around Nintendo! I just had to put it here, so everyone sees it! Click the following link to check out an epic video of the 3Ds which shows the 3Ds's Menu, Tag Mode and more! http://nintendo3dsblog.com/first-look-at-nintendo-3ds-operating-system-tag-mode-target-shooting-augmented-reality-etc

Nintendo news 01-08-11

We have more Nintendo news for you! 3DS and Poke'mon are sure to make you love being a Nintendo Fan even more! Go ahead! Click it! Also, like the new template? It's a holiday special!

Nintendo news 01-06-11

Hope you had a wonderful New Year! We start off the year with a site survey that's been out for a while along with a videogame quiz. Along with that I've updated the Nintendo news for you to check out of new upcoming games's release date's like Okamiden and Mario Sports Mix. What are you waiting for? Venture on!

Happy New Years! 12-31-10

Hope to see you all in 2011! Enjoy yourselves!

Annoyed1216 has made a review in the blog on Okami if you'd like to check it out by the way! Here's the link!


Site Updates 12-30-10

Since 2011 is sneaking up on us or may already started for some, I'd like to say some major overhauls on this site. Not much of the content has been changed but I've added a Survey I'd like any visitor or member to fill out because your opinon can help change this site, too! Also, the Honors page has been up for a while now but I'm unable to add a picture to it. If you'd like to see the picture then click here. Also, the template may be changing in a matter of time but don't worry because if I do then I'll give you your chance to change it or not. Lastly, I've decided this page has been cluttered no longer. I'm going to be putting this page in an archive that'll be located at the bottom of the new home page. This will go into effect in a few days or weeks, so I hope it gives everyone enough time to read this notice. I hope you all have a good holiday season and a great start to the year!


Also, welcome Tigerstar 7 as our 23rd member!

Speaking of members, annoyed1216 has become a Mod and Saliz is the site's one and only Admin! These two will need to change their banner in their sig now. ;)

Happy Holidays! 12-25-10

Hope you have a great holiday season!


New members! 12-23-10

Bethkins, demonjackal and Islander are all new members! Only Islander has actually filled out his profile. Welcome to you all!

Down to 19 members... 12-15-10

Well, now that Hermann and Metalk have left thew world of Webs, they are no longer a member here. Good luck to you all.

New review 12-12-10

Super Mario All Stars. What'd you expect?

BEST OF WEBS 12-08-10

Epicyoshi is participating in Regalreview's BEST OF WEBS and we need you to vote for Epicyoshi and support this site! Thanks for what you can do! Here's the link: http://regalreviews.webs.com/bestofwebs.htm

Updates 12-06-10

I've added a Review to the Random Game section and it features NBA JAM for the Wii. Even if you're not an NBA fan, it's worth checking out. And here's a shoutout to ASLnerd, a member I've known on Webs's Forums. http://jfreak16.webs.com/

Over 10000?! 12-03-10

Yup. Epicyoshi is over 10000 views.

 I had it exactly at 10000 but I screwed up on the copying and it registered as another view. On a side-note, Epicyoshi has dropped to 20 members. It's actually 21 but demonjackal hasn't finished his profile. I'm not sure who's leaving.

Member #23! 11-26-10

This member goes by the name desertjackal! His site is : http://desertjackel.webs.com/! He has came from Webs because it's Forums are closing down the 30th of this month! On another sad note, Casey has resigned from Epicyoshi and we only have 22 members...

Thanksgiving! Member #22! 11-25-10

Enjoy your turkeys! It's Thanksgiving! Happy holidays! We also have a new member! He goes by Weegee and his site is http://duonmadness.webs.com/!

4 month anniversary! 11-20-10

Yep, it's almost been 1/3 of a year for Epicyoshi. Check it out on the 24th!

Vetran's Day 11-11-10

 Happy Vetran's Day!

Sb-129 is on the Red team for Gabe calvin in the Epicyoshi Tourney. I've also updated the header and subtitle.

Member #21! 11-5-10

 Epicyoshi has 21 member and this one by the name of sb-129! Hope you enjoy your stay!

 Red Team and Blue Team, get ready as Week 2 of the Tourney has begun! Get those questions answered!

Member #20! 11-1-10

 A good way to kick off the month, we have our 20th member! The name is somewhat inappropriate so I'll allow you to see it on the Members page yourself. It's going to be the newest member in case you need to know (Well, at least as of November 1st). 20 members is 20 members, so. . .

    An epic pic of awesomeness!


Epicyoshi Tourney 10-30-10

 Week one is over and we have gotten nowhere. Week 2 is ahead, so get ready!

By the way, Happy early Halloween!






UPDATES: Check out the Puzzle/ Strategy Reviews for the Super Scribblenauts Review, along with the Nintendo News being updated as with the Epicyoshi Tourney! 

Member #19 10-25-10

 Regalreviews is member 19! Hurray! Check out the offical site at: http://regalreviews.webs.com/

Member #18! 10-24-10

 Mirsad is member #18! Also, the Tourney still hasn't gotten all votes in, sorry for the delay! Hurry up Hermann and Metalk! Check out the chatroom on the side courtesy of Saliz! The 3 month anniversity is closing to an end so hurry on over!

Epicyoshi Tourney update! 10-16-10

 The Epicyoshi Tourney Week 1 is over! Red team is victorious with Dragopoke's carrying the load! Who'll get sent home on Blue team? Or will someone even be sent home?! Check the fourm announcements for further details!


Shoutout: Check out http://salizisme.webs.com! It's a great emerging site, so head on over!

Super Scribblenauts has been out, be sure to pick it up before Kirby's Epic Yarn Sunday! 2 great releases  coming your way!

Epicyoshi Tourney update! 10-4-10

Red team: Gabe Calvin, Animated Gameplay, Hermann and BLANK. (Possibly KFC/ Coke)

Blue team: Maj, Saliz, Dragopokes and Metalk.

Discuss the team captains in the forums members listed above. Also, after just 8 days, Epicyoshi has had 1612 views! That's about 202 views a DAY! I'm super fournate. Thanks to all who visit! Become a member and hang in the Forums, chat on Meebo will friends and more! Just register today by clicking Register on your right-hand corner!

Epicyoshi Tourney 10-1-10

Fresh off the month, we got something new boiling. An Epicyoshi Tourney will soon start as soon as we can get 2 more active members to part-take in it. This is the list of already nominated members: Animated, Maj, Saliz, Hermann, Metalk and Dragopokes. I CAN'T be voted in as I'm the host.

Member #17! 9-30-10

After 4 days we have member #17! Welcome Gabe Calvin! Whoo! Another great way to end the month!

Nintendo News! 9-29-10

Click Nintendo news above to see the 3DS price and release time!

Also, I may make a new Home Page since there are a lot of news here. I may or may not. Time will tell.

The Site Wiki has been deleted and by the time anyone reads this, the Video Gallery should be in place.

Member #16! 9-26-10

DANG! 9 members in 5 days. All in a row! Welcome the 2nd female of this site: Saliz (scar)! What a way to wrap up the celebraton!

Members #13, 14 and 15! 9-25-10

 In a span of 4 days epicyoshi has gotten 8 members! Epic. That's like half of the member total! With Metalk, Maj  and Moveshots is 3 more to come! What a great way to continue this Epicyoshi anniversity! Finally not being an all male site is a great accomplishment! Thanks to Metalk whose site is btw: http://metalk.webs.com/ which is an awesome site in the Links! Now the fun really begins! Also, check out the Nintendo news for a reminder and the Reviews page under Big Name Games for the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption review!

Made by Pyro-moon whose site is. . . http://pyro-moon.webs.com/  

Members #11 and 12!  2 Month Anniversity! 9-24-10

 In a span of 3 days, Epicyoshi has gotten 5 members. Epic. The first member is aki and the second is Casey. Both male. Not complaning but can we at least get a girl to join? Upsetting, but at least 12 members will be able to celebrate the 2 month anniversity today! Celebrate by heading over to the Forums! The anniversity will go on until further notice! (Possibly for the weekend).

BTW, It's advised to add to your profile so we better know you. It doesn't have to be personal, but at least put something!


Here's the complete list of the members in the randomest order with a milestone along with it:

Dan: Actually having profile picture from the start.

aki: being 11th member

Casey: being 12th member

Epicyoshi: Being site owner and maker

Animatedgameplay: Helpfullest member

Risch: Posting multiple times in Forum

Hermann: Posting in Forums multiple times

annoyed1216: one of the 1st members

Im de kingg: being 9th member

ididurong: 10th member!

cooldude27af: Suggesting content.

There you have the complete list as for now!

Member #10! 9-23-10

 The day has come. Epicyoshi has double-digit members baby! Welcome ididurong! I shall request that this member changes their name to a more appropriate name but for now, 10 members! Again, all male after 10 members! This sucks. On the flip-side, Epicyoshi's 2 month anniversity will be here on September 24! Over 100 views, 100 Forum Posts, 5 members all in a month if you do the math! Can't wait 'till the 24th!

Member #9 9-22-10

 After less than 24 hours Epicyoshi has a new member in Im de kingg. Hope you enjoy your stay here! (Odd how members come plentyful in short bursts).

Member #8! 9-21-10

 After about 9 days, EpicYoshi has member number 8! Everyone welcome cooldude27af and I hope you enjoy your stay, too. Btw, I'm not being sexist, but so far not a single girl has joined this site! I accept all members but after 8 members, not a single girl still! Come on ladies, don't be shy!

Arcade! 9-20-10

 Epicyoshi has added a brand spanking new Arcade to the mix. Ranging from Yoshi Egg Throw to Epic Duel to TLOZ: 6 swords to even Sacred Duels 2 mmorpg! There may only be 11 games currently, but more will come soon!

Huge gaming news! 9-17-10

 Check out the Nintendo News for huge updates! Okay, not HUGE updates, more like big updates. . . Either way go for a lot of suprise updates!

Member # 7! 9-12-10

 Less than 24 hours and Epicyoshi has the lucky #7! Everyone welcome Hermann and check out his site in the Links or follow this one: http://www.hermann.webs.com/!

Member #6! 9-11-10

 After just 12 short days, Epicyoshi has a new member, Risch! Enjoy your stay here Risch. Also, check out his site: http://www.risch.webs.com/!

Today was the day of the terrorists strike.  Honor all who fell on 9/11.  All the beloved ones, Rest In Peace.

Polls done 9-10-10

 The Visitor Hangout will go as the template shall stay! The polls are now done, but you can still vote on the site's quality and the logo appeal.

URGENT! 9-09-10

 So far, at this rate, the Visitor's hangout will be on it's way and out.

 Also, the other thing is the template will stay like this because it has a 2 vote lead. Neither doesn't really count for anything but an opinion so. . .



Updates 9-07-10

 The poll results so far for the third poll. 6 like the old, 8 like the new, while 12 like neither. The first poll goes as so: 4 want the Visitor Hangout to go while 2 want to keep it.

 Also, do you like the new logo? Vote today!

Happy Labor day! 9-06-10

That's pretty much it.

Updates 9-5-10

 The poll results are as so: 5 for the old one, 4 for this one and shockingly 11 for neither! That's 55%!

Also, I've deleted the Calendar page to make room for future pages. the Visitors Hangout may be next, because I myself don't like it much. Check out the poll to vote if it stays or doesn't. Both polls will end on September 10th which is Friday, so get voting!

Poll update 9-4-10

 Since the poll launch just about last night, the poll has had the results like this: 4 like the old one, 2 like this one, and 1 person chose neither. I'll keep this poll up for about a week or so to give others time to vote. I myself haven't voted, but I prefer this one, only because the sidebar works better in this format.

New template! 9-3-10

 This is the newest template for Epicyoshi! Hope you enjoy it! I've conducted a poll to say if you liked the old one or new one and I may change it because of the results. But if nobody responds, this will be the new template for now.

New member #5! 8-31-10

 A great way to end a month, Epicyoshi's newest member being Dragopoke! I hope you enjoy your stay Dragopoke!

Walkthroughs! 8-30-10

 Finally, Epicyoshi will has Walkthroughs! Check them out as soon as I can get some up and running. Now, remember that walkthroughs will take a LONG time to complete, so please be patient. If you spot an error in the walkthrough, PLEASE POINT IT OUT! It's crucial that the walkthroughs are accurate, and we'll kindly reward you if you're right. Please make sure your info is right, or it shall be ignored.

 Also, it's been over a month since Epicyoshi started up, and it's gotten a crazy amount of visitors! As I write, there is 984 counts for this site! Almost at 1000, so I thank all who has made this a great site, and all who visited.

 Most helpful member : animatedgameplay! Visit the site as it follow: http://www.animatedgameplay.webs.com/

New member! 8-25-10

 Great news! Epicyoshi now has another new member by the name of Dan! I've also upgraded animatedgameplay to moderator! Congrats! Great work everyone!

Any ideas? 8-23-10

 Remember, anybody can suggest ideas for this site. animatedgameplay has helped tons of times, so this is for you bud.

 http://www.animatedgameplay.webs.com/ Check it!

Just contribute and you can have your site posted on the homepage!

Update! 8-18-10

 This may be sad news, but I had to delete the Nintendo Quiz and Photos in order to make room for the new Wiki page that ANY MEMBER can edit. Why not try it today? Also,  animatedgameplay got a 4/5 on the deleted Nintendo Quiz. This is sad because they were the last to take the quiz, but at least there is a new wiki.

New member! 8-17-10

 This is a great time to join the Epicyoshi and all its members. You'll get great priveledges to the site, so why not join today?

 Welcome Epicyoshi's newest member :animatedgameplay

New member! 8-15-10

 As of today, Epicyoshi has 2 members. Epicyoshi himself and newcomer annoyed1216. Just to keep you updated. Register if you'd like to join the Epicyoshi group and get exclusive priveledges like the Forums, updates and more!

-New!- Reviews -New!- 8-13-10

 As of today, EpicYoshi will have reviews on some of your favorite Nintendo Titles! (Mostly big name games). All ya need to do is point and click a genre/title for game reviews! The reviews will come out every now and then on new and old Nintendo games!









Yoshi dilemia 8-12-10

 The Nintendo Quiz has a dilemia. If anyone answered the " How many colors can Yoshi be?" and they chose 10, it should be 11 but you still should end up getting credit. I can't seem to fix this problem, mostly because of my laggy computer.

Welcome! 7-24-10

 Yoshi, the greatest Nintendo character in my opinion. This site will have a lot of Yoshi and Nintendo related content but isn't in anyway associated with Nintendo at all. Hope you enjoy this site!

 Born: 1991 (I'm unclear on his actual date. . .)

 Game debut: Super Mario World

Epicness scale: 10 being total epicness. 11!


 "I know! We should team up! Come on! Hop on my back!" -Yoshi, Super Mario Galaxy 2

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